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My skin was suffering dramatically; I tried everything on the market.  So when I heard that the Youmans Touch Wellness had skin products using organic seaweed, and herbs, I was skeptical, and said to myself "here I go again."  I tried it, and after a few weeks I was very surprised from the results I saw in my skin.  Finally, a product that works.  -  Dorothy Busch













After noticing the wrinkles on my face, I started feeling very uncomfortable about myself.  I wanted a product that was safe to use without compromising damages to my skin with redness.  I had a friend who was at Fort Hamilton Army Base in Brooklyn, N.Y., and brought a Youmans Touch Wellness product named "Flawless."  After seeing what "Flawless" did for her skin; I just had to try it.  I couldn't believe the results; not only did it tighten my skin, it gave it such smoothness that was unbelievable.  -  Martha Hopkins  














I tried everything to clear my skin but only ended up disappointed.  It all changed when I started using the Youmans Touch Wellness "Herbal Facial & Body Scrub."  It was so easy to use, and was very gentle on my skin that  I couldn't believe it was a scrub.  It was a miracle for me; an "One Drop Miracle."  Thank you so much; Youmans Touch Wellness!!!  You made a true believer out of me. -  Jennifer McNeil 











I used to look in the mirror, and wonder if there was any hope for me.  One day while surfing the web I came across the Youmans Touch Wellness website.  I read their "Philosophy" page and was impressed with what was said.  I placed an order which arrived to me in no time at all.  I wanted good results, and I wanted them fast.  After a few weeks I saw improvement in my skin.  I'm glad I ran into their website.  Never thought there was any hope until now. -  Stewart Stroudsburg










Most of my life I had acne, especially on my back.  I couldn't believe what the Youmans Touch Wellness products had done for me until my wife took these pictures.  She was so amazed at how clear my back had become that she told me there are no other products I should ever consider using.  Their products are so good that I took her up on her advice.  -  Daniel Griffen











As you can see in my before pictures; my skin was awful at on time.  But after using the Youmans Touch Wellness skin care products; you can see the amazing difference in my after picture.  I never gave up though; knowing that  something out there could clear my skin I found it in these products.  Best of all, they are chemical-free, that's a plus.  Products without the worry of unsafe toxins.  You should try them for yourself, believe me, you won't have any regrets. -  Sally Dozier 











Can you believe this?  I didn't, until I started using the Youmans Touch Wellness's "One Drop Miracle" "Charcoal Sea Kelp."  I was so ashame of these dark spots on my face; now look at me.  A true miracle indeed.  I highly recommend this product to everyone who wants to clear up embarrassing skin that have dark spots.  I am so relieved by the results this product has accomplished.  There is nothing I would do to change from it.  Try it, and make an incrediblchange to your skin. 













As a teenger, I coudn't find anything that could clear my skin.  I worried all the time, thinking "why me" "will I have to go through life looking this way forever."  I use to cry endlessly, until I found the Youmans Touch Wellness website.  I started using their skin care products 3 years ago.  After seeing how good my skin looks, everyone tells me that my skin is so smooth.  I am sooo happy I found their products; I wouldn't change them for any amount of treasure the world has to offer. -  Samantha Weathers 

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