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                     Rejuvenate Me Package



The "Rejuvenate Me Package"  gives many benefits to your wellness when it comes to revitalizing your skin, hair, health, and what is lost from exzposure to everyday pollutants that travels in the air, the use of cosmetic that contains toxic ingredients, and stress that can causes many unwanted substances to enter into yourt body.  This the package that will align all your needs and senses.   


1. Our "Facials and Peels" can remove deep down irritants from your face  leaving your skin looking revived and anew; this look we should want when it comes to leaving an everlasting impression on others of how beautiful your skin looks.  First, we use our chemical-free formula to gently scrub your face to remove even the toughest pollutant from your skin, bringing about instant and remarkable results.  Second, we spread our all natural peeling mask to rejuvenate your skin to the begining point of freshness.  Giving you the glow your skin deserve, and feeding your skin the nutrients only natural herbs can give to the natural look of your skin. 


2. Sometimes removing facial hair can be very difficult and leave unwanted razor nicks, bumps or abrasions.  With our "Facial Hair Removal Treatment" you can sit back and relax while we safely remove the unwanted hair from your face without nicks, bumps or abrasions to your face.  We offer natural removal; done without the use of products that can cause nicks, bumps or abrasions.  You can have the confidence of The Youmans Touch Wellness's guarantee that your skin is the most important reason to use our services.  




Make an appointment today, and begin "Rejuvenating" your 

healing process today.



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