Youmans Touch's natural Hydration Refinement Facial Scrub will remove dry dead skin and unwanted marks leaving you with an even tone that will enhanced the look for fresh new healthy skin of your face and body. Apply this natural scrub twice a day to take on the pollution of the day and night.

Hydration Refinement Facial Scrub

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  • Our ingredients are from a long line of family tradition.

    Ingredients: Organic Jamocha, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Stellaria, Eupatrium Purpureum, Arctium, Lappal, Mohonia Aquifolium, Sub-Tropical Citrus Tree Oil.

    How to use this product:
    Rinse face and/or body with hot water, apply small amount of scrub on palm of hand; rub face and/or body in circular motion to exfoliate and cleanse your skin; rinse thoroughly with cold water, and let skin air dry for at least 3 minutes. Remove excess scrub content after complete air drying.