The antioxidant found in our Natural Charcoal Sea Kelp (seaweed) is guaranteed to repair anti-aging skin, extremely dry skin, skin that is damaged with dark spots, and skin that has stretch marks.  It improves your skin conditions naturally without the worries of unsafe chemicals.  In addition, our natural Charcoal Sea Kelp helps to ease arthritis and rheumatic pains while providing hydrating effects that will give your skin the necessary nourishment skin cells need for healthier looking skin. Unlike all our other sea kelp our Charcoal Sea Kelp has a natural herbal repellent that keeps insects away from marking your beautiful skin, which can be irritated from excessive scratching. Our Sea Kelp is created through a hand-crafted process.  We deliver to you a 100% natural, and chemically-free product to challenge all your personal care needs; giving your skin the moisture, smoothness, softness, and nourishment beautiful skin deserves. We guarantee our Sea Kelp completely, this is why we say it's the "One Drop Miracle." 

Charcoal Sea Kelp

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