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Our Philosophy

We Are Not Hopeless. 

The Youmans Touch Wellness products contains no artificial dyes, no artificial perfumes or harsh irritants.  All skin, hair, and health care products are carefully mixed with organic herbs and real natural ingredients.  Our natural products are environmentally safe; blended with natural organic herbs, oils, and real fruits, which are the only ingredients in all of our products.  They're so natural, they’re eatable.


No Animal Fats or Chemicals. 

The Youmans Touch Wellness has never used animal fats and/or chemicals.  This assures you the confidence of knowing you chose an environmentally safe product.  We believe in all natural; so when we say all natural, we mean "All Natural."  Our philosophy is to bring to you the sensuous satisfaction to wellness.  Also, check out our Treatment page to open the door to an extensive avenue of other wellness that leads to optimal health that capture tranquility and ecstasy.


Backed By Years Of Clinical Research. 

Clinical research for skin disorders has been used for centuries. Since 1995, our seeds & herbs has been quality tested for their purity freeing you from the side effects of chemical drugs that are apparent. natural therefore demanding a call to return to nature, and begin the use of environmentally-safe products.  The clinical research of our seeds, and herbs show scientific evidence for clinical efficacy.    

Call - Email - Cart - Your orders today and receive your environmentally safe products and begin repairing your skin, hair or health in a short time.

What Is Holistic Medicine / Therapy?

Holistic Medicine... Is an all-natural form of healing that considers the whole person; the body, the mind, the spirit, and healthy emotions.  In the quest for optimal health and wellness; the holistic philosophy is that one can obtain and achieve wellness that emphasizes preventing illnesses and prolonging life and gaining proper balance in life and health. Holistic medicine/therapies is the solution not an alternative in bringing about optimal health and wellness.  The philosophy here at The Youmans Touch Wellness is, and has always been "Your Health Is Your Wealth."  


What A Price To Pay.

Most preservatives can be extremely toxic with preservatives used in cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, bath solutions, toothpastes, deodorants, nail polishes, and baby commodities. Everyday we use these poisonous chemicals on our bodies that are leading to various diseases.

Experience the Difference of  Youmans Touch Wellness Natural Products!!!

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